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We assist employers with the best choices in employing potential candidates.

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Change Exchange is used by 100+ companies to get the best talent, faster.

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You will experience a stress-free and swift recruitment process. If you think we are too good to be true then TRY US NOW FOR FREE. Place a recruitment post now and get a pool of talented professionals to choose from right away. We are simply fast, convenient and reliable.

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Change Exchange Is the Place for All Your Recruitment Needs

Engage On Roles

New jobs are being posted for all sectors and grades each day. From this vast pool of job roles, you may choose the one you are looking for.


Submit Candidates

As soon as your engagement request is accepted, you will be provided with the complete requirement of the client. You need to then submit appropriate applicants instantly.


Get Paid!

The applicants will be evaluated by the client through their regular hiring process and setting up interviews via the platform. If your candidate gets hired, you will get paid.


A Smarter Way To Recruit

We all like choice the freedom to choose, to be given options, which is why at Change Exchange we developed a hospitality recruitment platform that can post your vacancy to over 200 specialist hospitality recruitment agencies. One platform that gives you a wider choice of agencies to work with.

Featuring pre-vetted candidates, there is no subscription fee; you simply chose in advance the fixed fee you want to pay for each filled vacancy.

Change the way you recruit with Change Exchange

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Once Hired, Employer Pays the Successful Recruiter

The employer can sort out the candidates through their regular hiring process. Once they hire the suitable applicant for the job, they will simply pay the
fee set earlier to the successful recruitment agency.

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How Change Exchange works

The employer will be required to set the fee they want to pay to hire the desired candidate for the job.

Organisations, which are looking to hire will post the job openings at Change Exchange, along with the complete job description and the maximum fee they can pay a recruiter for successful placement.

Recruiter will then send out the applicants who fulfil the mentioned requirement for the job.

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Change Exchange helps Hospitality employers and Hospitality recruitment agencies work better, together. Our solutions help HR teams find and engage direct-hire agencies, manage the recruitment
process with clarity and control, and optimize the entire agency channel. The result — better hires, faster.

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